LoveLocked Story

It was 2008 and we were moving out of California and back to where I was raised in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. In the Northern most regions of the Midwest, it is still like the Last Frontier in many locations. We were taking our children back to my roots and out of the rat race and into the wilderness. Holy Spirit was leading us Home to commune with Mother Earth and Father Sky and lovingly raise our children undefiled by the world and its standard. Set apart, hidden away learning from Him through His creation like it had been for me since a child. One with Spirit and one with brother man.  Returning back to living in tandem with the Earth and its elements and exploring all the natural wonders.

The first day we traveled late into the night. Lonely highway of long stretches of nothingness, eventually night and darkness. A pretty good start for the first day, putting us well on our way out of the city light pollution and noise. Stillness and darkness enveloped us, save for the little hotel beaming in the distance, just a few lights beaming in like an Oasis.  Thankful were we for a place to pull over for the night, beyond too tired to continue driving, this lone motel appeared on a lonely stretch of highway in Nevada. 

The next morning I woke as the sun was just about to dawn and snuck out of the room to watch the sunrise and spend some alone time with the Lord.  I had such a profound encounter that evening, in that lonely high desert motel property.  The stillness and the clarity and the embrace of Love, He met me and overwhelmed me that day with His great Love.  We talked about the journey and what was next and all the rest of my concerns.  

My first Radical encounter with God was in 1998, and so I was already locked in His arms of Love long before this encounter. Yet in the time spent in the early morning, experiencing the waking up of the world around me, out of the city and the rat race, He came and met with me another way, just as profound and personal.  He was so tangibly there; not in the voice of thunder from the heavens as it was the day of my eternal salvation.  This time He came in the Wind, and as a Whisper.  As the Loving Father, the mighty Breathe of Life. I was completely enveloped in the LOVE Embrace.  LOVELOCKED.

It wasn't until later as we were getting back on the road to continue our journey did we see on the map just how far we travelled and where we stopped for the night.  A small dot on the map read Lovelock. That really is so like Our God. Only a Divine Creator could have set up such a meeting like this... to be Lovelocked in Lovelock, a nowhere spot of sacred ground in northern Nevada. I love the way He loves us and goes to great length to show us.

So this is genesis of the name of our website. I chose this because it fully expresses the state of being that is our birthright as a Human Being given by our Divine Creator.

To live Locked in Love, Divine LOVE. This is Life.

The LoveLocked Life.


Our mission is to share the Good News of CHRIST Jesus, the King of LOVE and to fulfill the Great Co-Mission of guiding souls into the Eternal Realm, by introducing them to the Living Flame of Love.

Matthew 5:16  LIT.